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Infinite Onslaught

A roguelite, light-rail shooter where the player uses the entire keyboard to shoot.
[Co-op Project]

ROLES: Game Designer | Programmer | Artist
TOOLS: Unity | Aseprite
Duration: April 2021 - August 2021 (5 Months)


Infinite Onslaught is a 2D light-rail shooter roguelite where the player must utilize the entire keyboard to shoot enemies on the screen. The position of each key is relative to a section on the screen.

This project was developed as part of a
2-person team for a co-op work term for Bonkers Builders during the Summer 2021 period (April - August). I was responsible for every aspect of the development process, however I focused the majority of my time on programming various systems and creating pixel animations.

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Weapon System

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The primary system that the player interacts with in order to defeat enemies and win the game is by finding and using various weapons obtained along the way.

In order to design a wide variety of weapons, I created a
flexible weapon system that could easily be extended with new features whenever a designer wanted a new weapon type. The goal was to make sure the system was scalable and designer friendly so that future collaborators can easily pick up where I left off.

Eventually I worked on other systems adjacent to the base framework such as a
weapon inventory, sound, Ammo mechanic, and UI.

Ammo System

To incentivize resource management and the utilization of different weapon combinations, I created an Ammo system. Each weapon uses 1 of 3 ammo types (Light, Medium, Heavy), but this can be easily extended to either have more ammo types or have weapons that use multiple ammo types.


I also worked on creating UI simulating the old school arcade aesthetic that the project is heavily inspired by.

Each element (size, padding, speed, etc.) can be
easily adjusted by designers or reused in new systems.

Pixel Art

Over the course of the term, I was responsible for the majority of the pixel art added onto the project, such as enemies, items, backgrounds, VFX, UI, and icons. Some examples below:

Goblin King Boss

Goblin Soldier

Boss VFX



A few items.

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Background (split into multiple layers for parallax)


Working on this project taught me how to code and produce assets with developer friendliness and extendibility greatly in mind. Unlike most other projects I've worked on where the end of production is the end of development, I had to go into Infinite Onslaught knowing it was going to continue on after my contribution, so I had to really improve the quality and clarity of my code so that other developers can easily pick up where I left off.


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